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Crab Craft Preschool Printable Activity 2

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Crab Craft Preschool Printable Activity 2

The crab is an interesting animal to introduce a seashore (coastline) animal and various other skills.

The activities are appropriate for an Ocean Creatures, Seashore or Aquarium Theme.

Before presenting the craft, visit the crab theme lesson plan activities to incorporate information about crabs, an online story and other resources.

Activity #1: Crab Craft Ages 2.5+(Easy 6 pieces)

Tell the children they are going to have fun with activities related to the crab. Crabs live along coastlines in cracks and under plants in tide pools, or in burrows in sand. (more information here).

Review your options for printing and assembly of the craft that best meets your needs. Before assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested below:

Printing and assembly options for the craft:

Option 1
: Print craft color template #1 & #2 cut out, conduct learning activities below and assemble.
Option 2: Print templates black and white #1 & 2. Children can color, paint or decorate first, cut out and proceed as above. View some real crab images here and encourage children to personalize the body (carapace) with designs.
Option 3: Print black & white template directly on red or orange card stock or construction paper.

Other decorations and ideas for the craft option:

1. For a permanent educational display piece: trace and cut pieces on fun foam (Foamies), add features with permanent fine tip markers and large wiggly eyes
2. Replace paper eyes with large craft wiggly eyes for the paper craft.
3. Tape a ribbon, string or a piece of magnet to the back of head to use as decoration or educational display piece.

Learning Activities to conduct before craft assembly:

Shapes & Colors Activity:

1. Ask children to identify the color on the template pieces (after coloring) or if using the color template. Ask the to name other objects that could be in that color.

Numbers/Pre-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out.

1. Counting, sequence and recognizingnumerals 1 to 8: Counting the Crabs legs: Suggestion: Write large numbers in the legs of the crab from number one to number eight in sequence from the left set of legs to the right set. Count them together.

Proceed with craft assembly. Show the small image provided in the template to help the children see how the finished craft looks and if necessary make a demonstration to aid them in positioning the pieces. After completing the craft the children can hold their finished craft while conducting some of the activities below.

Printable Crab Craft (6 pieces)
printable crab craft
*Template 1

*Template 2

Black & White
*Template 1

*Template 2

letter c crab printable activities
Letter C Crab printable activities

Crabs coloring pages
Crabs coloring pages

*Glue or glue stick
*paper or card stock
*materials to color with

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