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Lion Head Craft Preschool Printable Activity

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Lion Head Craft Preschool Printable Activity
Young children will have fun making an easy and fun craft of a lion's head. Many basic skills can be addressed during and after the craft assembly process and you can use the craft to make a hand or paper bag puppet. Other printable support materials and links to related activities are provided in the themes column. Activity: Crafts Activity: Lion Head Craft
There are a number of ways to print and make this craft:

Option 1: Print template in color, cut out and assemble.
Option 2: Print in black and white, color, paint or decorate first, cut and assemble.

Ideas: Color by the letter or by the number
Make a small graph with numbers or upper case letter L and lower case letter l and print the numbers or letters inside the craft templates for a designated color.

L (upper case) = for brown in mane and dark shaded areas
l (lower case) = for yellow or orange in light areas (face, inner ears, etc) areas not colored (the eyes)

Option 3:
Print template black and white template unto a light shade of orange or yellow paper, the children will color only in designated areas with a brown or orange crayon

Other decorations:
1. Glue a few strands of orange, brown or tan yarn around the lion's mane for texture.
2. Make a paper bag puppet: Tape the assembled head craft to the flap and print the body portion and glue under the flap. Template for body in the materials column.

Activities 2:
Basic Skills Learning Activities to conduct before craft assembly:
Choose those activities you feel are appropriate for the ages of children.

Numbers/Early-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities pieces should be colored decorated and cut out

2. Counting and recognizing numerals during the assembly process: Count out loud how many template pieces are needed to complete the craft. Add numbers to the back in the order in which they will be pasted and turn face down.

Suggested assembly

Review the following assembly steps with the children and they can refer to the small image on the template. It is helpful to display and assemble one craft in front of large groups by steps.
1. Paste face template within the mane template
2. Paste face features > oval eyes, triangle nose and inner ears. Make sure to identify recognizable shapes: oval eyes and triangle nose.

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Activity: Science & Social Studies: Learning about Lions

Other activities: Visit the lion theme to present an online story, fable (The Lion and the Mouse), picture book or nursery rhymes of your choice.
Lion Head Craft
Lion Head Craft Preschool Printable Activity

*Black & white

Paper bag puppet option:
Body template
Color body

Black & White body

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