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Baker Crafts · Community Helper · Letter B Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Note: There are four different crafts. Choose a craft that is appropriate for the group size, age group and what best meets your curriculum needs. Enjoy!

Activity 1 & 2: Introduction to Community Helper: The Baker and present Letter B is for Baker

Activity 3: Baker Crafts:
Review links in the materials column. Instructions for crafts #1 and #2 below. Instructions for DLTK crafts at their web page links.

Craft 1: Easy Shapes Baker's Hat - Ages 2+

Practice Shapes: Square & Circles, Scissor Cutting Skills (3.5+), Counting, Small Motor Skills, Optional:Introduce or Practice Letter Bb, Color: White
  • Print the Baker's Hat Template with instructions. Print on white construction paper or card stock. No coloring required.
  • Ahead of time cut strips of white paper 3" to 4" tall to make head bands that are 22 to 24 inches long - the assembled hat will be glued onto the headband. Two bands cut on paper lengthwise is the right size, tape together.
  • Cut out the small illustration on the template and set next to the child as a guideline of how the hat looks when assembled.
  • The instructions will help you with shape, number and letter B introduction/practice.
  • Children and educator can wear the hat during the nursery rhyme reading and other related activities.
Craft 2: Easy Baker Hand Puppet or Stand-up Figure - Ages 2+
  • Print out this one puppet template for one child or this two puppet template if many puppets are needed for a larger group. Ideally print on sturdy paper: construction or card stock in a pastel color or light color such as yellow, pink, light orange, so children can use white chalk, pastel or crayons to color the baker's clothing.
  • This is a good opportunity for scissor cutting practice along the dashed outline. Provide assistance as needed.
  • Letter B practice: You may want to write letter B or Baker on the image prior to distributing, and motivate the children to trace the letter B.
  • Glue or tape a Popsicle stick/craft stick or against a toilet paper tube and the children can hold and use during the reading of the nursery rhyme later.

Activity 4 (several): Baking, nutrition (bread and grains), multicultural activities, literacy and sequencing activity

Activity 5: Literacy > Baking theme

Nursery Rhymes > Pat-a-cake

Fairy tales and folk tales
* The Gingerbread Man > A little old lady bakes a gingerbread man cookie.
* The Little Red Hen > this folk tale takes children on a journey of the entire process of planting wheat to the final product > baked bread or cake.

Easy Shapes Baker's Hat
Ages 2+
easy shapes bakers hat craft

Craft Template

Baker Hand Puppet
Ages 2+
1 template

2 templates

Activity 1 & 2
letter b baker printable activities
Letter B Baker printable activities

External links
Age 3+
baker tp roll at dltk
Baker TP Roll Craft

Ages 2+
DLTK's Number Two Craft
Baker Number Two Craft

Number Two Worksheet
Coloring Page
* white paper or card stock
* scissors
* glue
* tape
* Optional: craft sticks, toilet paper tubes
* coloring tools