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Star or Starfish Crafts Preschool Printable Activities

Activities Materials
These are two star theme crafts to incorporate in various themes:

Activity > Craft 1 > Easy Shapes Star Craft (10 piece)

Tell the children they will make a star. Have the children hold their finished star as they sing your choice of nursery rhyme, or Christmas song.

When presenting this activity for a Christmas theme, discuss the significance of the star as it relates to the holiday. Adapt the colors and decorations for a starfish theme. In this activity children will have fun practicing shapes: circle, triangle, crescent, oval.

  • Print and cut out the template of your choice in color or black and white version on paper, card stock or on yellow construction paper.
  • Learning activities before assemby > counting and sorting
    • Ask and help children to identify the shapes.
    • Count and sort the shapes by type.
    • Write the number 1 - 5 on the back of the triangles and 6 & 7 on the circles, 8 on the crescent and 9 & 10 on the oval eyes.
  • Children can color and paste facial features first on the large circle.
  • Encourage to glue the template pieces to a piece of paper (dark blue) or to the large circle edges. Use the small image provided on the template as a guideline.
  • Children can add glitter glue or small pieces of aluminum foil to embellish the star.
  • If assembled directly on the circle you can make a little hole and tie a ribbon or string to hang as a holiday ornament or glue a craft stick/Popsicle stick to make a hand puppet
  • To reinforce, read and sing the rhyme again after the craft has been completed, and read at least once a day during the week using the rhyme poster and finished craft
  • Place the finished craft in a place of honor at child's eye level.

Activity > Craft 2 > Easy Star Craft (6 piece)

This is an easier star for younger children, ages 3 and under. The star is one piece.

  • Have the children position the features first over the star.
  • Leave them in place
  • Lift one by one, add a bit of glue and paste each one at a time from the top down.eyes, eyebrow to the mouth.

Alphabet > Letter S Star or Starfish Printable Activities

easy shapes star craft
Easy Shapes Star Craft
Color version

Black & White

Simpler Star
simpler star craft
Color version

Black & White

Letter S Star or Starfish activities
Letter S Star or Starfish activities