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Ice Cream Craft · Shapes · Letter I · Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Let's have fun with ice cream! Perfect for the summer and yes all year around! July is National Ice Cream Month.

Make sure to have real ice cream for this activity!

Activity 1: Letter I Ice Cream Activities > Introduce letter Ii long vowel sound.

Activity 2: Craft - Easy Shapes Ice Cream Cone (or view Ice Cream Colors and Numbers Craft)
The children are going to also practice shapes with this easy craft - ages 2+ and older.
  1. Print your choice of black and white template or color template. Note: The circle (ice cream) in the color template was left white so the children can still color the ice cream in their favorite flavor color: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc.
  2. Distribute template of choice. Ask the children what shapes they see on the template. Circles and one large triangle. Explain the big circle represent the ice cream scoop, the triangle is the cone, the small empty circle is a cherry and the other images are candy, jellybeans, etc.
  3. Encourage the children to color the pieces that apply.
  4. The large pieces (circle and triangle) are suitable for scissor cutting practice for the older children. Children may need help cutting the cherry circle and the candy. The candy can be cut around the dotted lines.
  5. Have the children glue the cone over the circle, they may need help with this step. Glue the cherry and candy images.
Activity 3: Ice Cream Snack / Nutrition
Have fun eating ice cream. Prepare a table with ice cream, and other trimmings. Allow as much as possible for the children to scoop and decorate their ice cream cups.

Nutrition: Discuss Nutritional Aspects of Ice Cream
While the children are eating their ice cream, you may want to discuss:
  1. Ice cream is mostly composed of milk, which comes from the cow a wonderful farm animal.
  2. Ask the children what other products are derived from the milk: cheese, yogurt. What are these products called as a food group? dairy products.
  3. Tell them milk is important to have healthy bones and teeth and much more!
Easy Shapes Ice Cream Cone Craft
Ice Cream Craft · Shapes · Letter I  · Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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letter i ice cream printable activities
Letter I Ice Cream printable activities