Frogs and Toads Preschool Printable Lesson Plan Activities

Chimpanzee Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Crafts

For preschoolers lets keep the presentation very simple, for older children review more information at Frogs:

  1. What is an amphibian?  Amphibians include frogs, toads and salamanders.
  2. The Frog Cycle:  the reproduction and growth development of frogs and toads. [printable activity]
  3. The differences between a frog and a toad.
  4. Do an art or craft project to demonstrate:
         a. the differences between a toad and a frog by creating different textures or
         b. the frog cycle (metamorphosis)

the frog and toad cycle coloring page
Frog and Toad Cycle coloring page

Online jigsaw puzzles
frog online jigsaw puzzle

toad online jigsaw puzzle

Alphabet Printable Activities
letter f frog printable activities

Letter F Frog
letter t toad printable activitie
Letter T Toad

Activity > Viewing Frogs & Toads >

Activity > Online Jigsaw Puzzles Activity > Frog | Toad
Skills: Problem solving skills, computer skills > using the mouse or touchscreen, bilingual English - Spanish

Here is an online jigsaw puzzle the children will enjoy featuring a frog on a lily pad and a toad. The default puzzle is 6 pieces.

Activity > Crafts > I Can Decorate a Frog and a Toad (coloring pages or printable crafts)

This activity helps children to learn the physical differences between a frog and a toad in an simple art activity in which they can use a variety of materials and create different textures (sensory experience: smooth and bumpy) on a coloring page or printable craft.

Activity > Letter F Frog or Letter T Toad Printable Activities

Activity:  Read a frog theme story, poem or song
Visit the frog theme for online stories suitable for young children. Include a selection of children's literature from your local library.

Animals > Amphibians >