Frogs and Toads Arts and Craft Preschool Printable Activity

This art activity helps children to learn the physical differences between a frog and a toad in a simple art activity in which they can use a variety of materials and create different textures (smooth and bumpy) on a coloring page or printable craft.


  • printer
  • paper, construction paper or card stock
  • coloring tools for B&W template
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • to create a bumpy texture for the toad one or a combination of: bird seed, oatmeal, crushed cereal or crackers.


  1. Method 1:  print two coloring pages - one for a frog and the other for a toad and proceed to step 3.

    Method 2
    :  Assemble a printable craft and decorate with additional
    materials to create the texture of a toad or frog.

  2. The child is going to color or paint and decorate one coloring to resemble a frog and the other image to look like a toad.

  3. Note the main physical differences to help guide child to decorate the coloring pages or decorate the craft templates

    Toads: they are all fat and round and have short legs and dry, warty skin. They are generally mottled brown or gray, often with dark spots.

    Their skin is smooth and moist. They are in a variety of colors, from brown, red, green, and other colors, and with stripes or dark spots.

  4. To help children make the image look like a toad provide shades of brown, gray and black paint or other coloring materials. Glue any materials that will make the surface appear bumpy, look at the suggested list of materials (most in your kitchen).

  5. For the frog image, it is just a matter of choosing any of the colors mentioned to decorate the page. Adding a few drops of white liquid glue to the paint will dry to a smooth shiny texture.

  6. I suggest you write the word frog in large letters on the page and the same for the toad page.

  7. Once the images are dry you can also cut around them and hang with a string or ribbon.

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