Handprints Chicken, Hen or Rooster Craft
Preschool Printable Activity

Handprints Chicken, Hen or Rooster Craft Preschool  Printable Activity


  • printer
  • paper or card stock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools for black & white templates
  • craft stick
  • Optional: small paper plate instead of head template size 2

Here is a very simple craft to help introduce the rooster (male chicken) or it represent a chicken or hen.

The craft templates are available in two sizes and can be assembled in various ways, and the process can be made more challenging and creative depending on the ages of the children.

The craft is suitable to enhance related topics, children's literature and holidays.

The body circle template can be replaced by a circle the size of a CD/DVD disc for little hands of toddlers or preschoolers or a standard small paper plate (6 inches in diameter) for kindergarten and up - Ages 6+.

The crest and wattle are created with two handprint cut-outs, colored-in or painted handprints.

Printing options for the craft:
Little hands >
Print template SIZE 1 | Growing hands > Print template SIZE 2

Prepare ahead of time:
Trace and assist to cut out 2 handprints for children ages 5 and under.  Children ages 6+ and older should be encouraged to do most of the craft with very little assistance, read suggestions for this age group below.

  • Option 1: Print color templates or black & white, cut out, save small image of finished craft, and proceed to assembly instructions below.
  • Option 2: Print black and white templates. Trace templates over construction paper or other materials you may want to recycle.
  • Option 3: Older children - First Grade - ages 6+ No printable templates necessary. Follow steps below.

Shapes and colors >  Make sure to discuss and identify shapes and colors during the assembly process. Refer to pieces by shape and color.

Assembly for children ages 5 and under:

  1. Demonstrate how to position each handprint under the head circle or plate.
  2. Help children to trace a line with a pencil along the circle's edge to mark the position of the handprints.
    Children will remove the handprints, place glue below or above the lined marked and reposition and paste the handprints.
  3. Beak: Position and mark the position of each triangle with a pencil, paste the triangles. The rooster should appear to "crow" with beak open.
  4. Paste eye template or draw an eye or trace using coins or other round object.
  5. Attach a craft stick with tape to the back.

Assembly for children ages 6+:

  1. Crest and wattle - Distribute one red sheet of construction paper folded in half. Instruct children to trace one hand, and cut-out to obtain two handprints.
  2. Beak - Distribute a small folded piece of yellow paper. Children will draw a triangle and cut out for the beak templates.
  3. Distribute a 6" desert paper plate or trace a 6" inch circle template.
  4. Eye - Distribute one large plastic eye (wiggly eye) or have the children use a large coin and smaller coin to draw an eye directly on circle (head) template with pencil.  after crest and wattle are pasted on the circle. Trace
    the large coin first, and trace small coin inside the tracing of the large coin. (US quarter and a US nickel are suitable or any other round objects). When the children are satisfied with the eye drawing, they can trace again with crayon or markers and fill the eye ball in the color of their choice.
  5. Paste the beak triangles in step 2. The rooster should appear to "crow" with beak open.
  6. Attach a craft stick with tape to the back.


  • Close template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero (minimum) if you have trouble fitting the template on one page or review Print Help.

Handprints Rooster - Chicken or Hen Craft Preschool  Printable Activity

Size 1:     color     B&W

Size 2:     color     B&W

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