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Outer Space Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Online and Printable Activities

Outer Space Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Online and Printable Activities
This a fun online activity for young children to identify what is in space and learn about what an astronaut and astronomer do.

Activity:  What is in Space? Our Solar
Visit StarChild A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

:  a snowball of ice and dust that travels around the sun.

Earth:  Is one of the eight planets that travel around the sun. We live on the planet Earth. Related activities:  Earth Day | Letter E Earth online puzzle

Moon:  The moon circles the Earth once a month.  Most planets have moons, which circle around them. There is no air or water in the moon. Related alphabet activities: Letter M Moon

Alphabet printable activities
letter a astronaut printable activities

Letter A Astronaut

letter m moon printable activities
Letter M Moon

Letter s star printable activities

Letter S Star

i can make a solar system model coloring page

Coloring page
I can make a solar system model

Review lesson plan for related printable activities
planets: Eight planets, including Earth, travel around the Sun. Along with moons, comets, and lumps of rock, they make up the Solar System. Visit this related activity to learn the name of the eight planets and practice numbers. Related activities: The Eight Planets

stars: Stars are a mass of gas in space such as the Sun. Related activities: Star theme

Sun: The sun is an ordinary yellow star and it is the only star in our Solar System. Stars burn, and sunlight that gives life is the light of our burning star -- the Sun. Related activities and craft: The Culture of the Sun (Cinco de Mayo)

Careers related to Astronomy and Space Exploration:
Astronomer: An astronomer is a scientist that observes and studies planets, stars and galaxies.

An astronaut is a person that travels in space for exploration and research.

Craft Activity > Astronaut theme

Easy printable astronaut craft at DLTK's.

Before craft assembly conduct some learning activities with the craft templates:
1. Math > Shapes | Colors: Identify colors and shapes. Count and number the craft templates.

2. Skills developed during craft assembly: Scissor cutting and coloring (precursors to handwriting), problem solving, and fine motor skills.

3. Alphabet > Write the alphabet letter on the craft in upper and lower case.

Outer space resources:
Visit these websites for kids Preschool to grade 4 for great fun outer space online games and activities.