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Alphabet Letter A Impact Poster Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Note: This activity counts as eight separate activities due to the steps involved. The activity is done over a number of days depending on the children's ages.

The purpose is to acquaint children with letter A beginning short sound through various fun learning experiences involving many of their senses.  They will also practice other skills in the process. The large poster is important to create impact.

Review all the materials and activity suggestions. 
Here are links to other letter A resources and materials on the web site:

Instead of the large poster do a mini-version of this activity for large groups: Letter A Activity Worksheet Program and Mini-Book (a mini-version of this activity).

Version for 2 & 3 year olds:  (limit the entire activity to three or four days)
Option 1:  Adult draws an upper case and lower case letter on the large piece of paper.
Option 2:  Print a letter A coloring page in standard block or D'Nealian font using the poster command > (select your Printer (in Devices and Printers) in your PC > right click select Printer Properties > Advanced tab > select Poster printing > 2'x2' poster) -- the template will print in four pages and you tape together - trim around the frame.

Version for older 3 to 6 year olds: (5 to eight days)
Adult draws large dots to form the letters (include arrows to show direction). Child will connect the dots with paint. This activity is better accomplished when the poster is placed on a wall, poster board or easel. Proceed with the steps below.
  • Encourage child to paint the letter. Explain the proper direction of “writing” the letter. Join child in the painting process.
  • While the paint dries, print, and discuss the flash card pictures (their meaning, examples), ask child to find the hidden A's in the images, emphasize on the letter sound.
  • Do a short activity (5 to 15 minutes only) for each picture every other day before you glue a picture to the Impact Letter Poster.
  • After each day's activity glue the appropriate flash card picture to the Impact Poster until all eight letter cards (limit the activities to 4 days for children age 4 and under). 
    Note:  Always write the letter and word on the different crafts or coloring page activities.  Older children may be able to practice connecting the letter with dots.
Letter A learning activities and craft ideas:
Here are some learning and crafts activities for each image suggested activities:

Suggestion:  Remember to make pictures of the children during the different activities to put together a Letter A Impact Week scrapbook or bulletin board  with the completed crafts and impact poster.

Review activities for poster size letter A instructions.
letter a coloring page
For poster printing
Standard block

letter impact flash cards
Letter A Impact Flash cards
color version

black & white

letter a worksheet
Letter A Worksheet