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School Bus Printable Craft or Van Craft

School Bus Printable Craft or Van CraftThis craft can be fun to help children with a first child care, preschool, kindergarten and first-grade experience and to discuss safety issues associated with driving a school bus, a van or any type of motorized vehicle.


  • printer
  • paper or card stock (or yellow paper for B&W template 1)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools for black & white templates
  • optional: brass fasteners for wheels

Craft Instructions and Learning Activities:

  • Suggestions:

    • For children age 3 and under print template B&W 2 (bus) to yellow paper and they can color the elements in template 2. Children can glue elements directly to the bus template without cutting out the bus.

    • For children age 4+ print templates in color or B&W and encourage scissor cutting skills. The wheels can be attached with two fasteners which allows them to move around.

  • Learning activities to conduct before school bus craft assembly:

    • Identify colors and any shapes on the templates. Some children like to discuss the colors as they choose them while coloring or painting the templates.

    • Optional: practice numerals and count the pieces. Write numerals in the back of the template elements in the order of assembly and turn face down. The bus can be #1, windows numbered from left to right 2, 3, 4, 5, door #6 and wheels #7 and #8.

  • Craft assembly:
    • Glue windows from left to right
    • Glue door
    • Glue wheels or attach with fasteners
    • Optional: Write the word school bus or van on the craft


Color          Template 1   &   Template 2

B&W          Template 1   &   Template 2

Resources: School Bus Lesson Plan: Visit the companion lesson plan for this craft, it includes: safety resources, song and other activities.

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