Rabbit or Hare Head Craft · Heart Shapes · Preschool Printable Activities

Rabbit · Hare Head Craft · Heart Shapes · Preschool Printable Activities


  • printer
  • paper or card stock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools for black & white templates
The rabbit and the hare are wonderful animals that children are drawn to as there is a wealth of children's literature and toys that they can relate to.

Young children will have fun making an easy and fun craft with heart shapes mostly and oval eyes.

Recommendation: Review printing option and learning activities to decide on the skills to focus on for this craft.

Review the heart shapes animal crafts that are appropriate for various holidays and pets events.

Craft Instructions:

Printing and assembly options:

Option 1: Print template of your choice, color and decorate if that applies, conduct learning activities below, cut out and assemble.

Option 2: Print black & white template to white paper or your choice of color craft paper, and color. Conduct learning activities, cut out and assemble.

Learning activities to conduct before craft assembly:

  • Discuss the colors on the template.
  • Numbers and pre-math activities: To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out.
    • Have the children sort the shapes by size, from small to large.
    • Count how many shapes in each size. You may want to write the numbers as you count on the blank side of the template to acquaint the children with printed numbers.

Craft assembly:

Show the small image of the finished craft featured in the template to help the children assemble the craft. Assemble head first.

Craft assembly:

  1. To assist the youngest kids, make some light pencil markings for the positioning of the pieces on the head template.
  2. Have the children practice placing the pieces, starting with the head, as if they were assembling a puzzle.
  3. Glue one of the small hearts representing the mouth in the lower edge of the head.
  4. Glue the two medium hearts representing the cheeks as shown, slightly above the mouth piece.
  5. Glue small heart representing the nose.
  6. Glue glue the eyes.
  7. The inner ears template is optional, if used, center and glue over the ear templates.
  8. Glue the ears.
  9. Glue head to body template.

Other decorations and ideas:

  • Write letter Rr rabbit or H Hare behind the craft.
  • Trace and cut the pieces from any left over materials.
  • Tape a ribbon or string to back of head to use as decoration or ornament.
  • Replace eye template with plastic wiggly eyes, and pom pom on the nose.
  • Tape the craft to a craft stick or drinking straw for a hand puppet.
  • Add paper whiskers or glue small cuttings of pipe cleaners.
  • A distinctive feature of hares is that they often have dark markings on the tips of the ears, you may want to add this detail with coloring tools.
  • Arctic hare: Print the B&W template, assemble and decorate by coloring the inner ears grey and making dark markings in the tip of the ears.


  • Close template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero minimum or review Print Help.

Hare or Rabbit Head Craft Hearts Preschool  Printable ActivitiesHare or Rabbit Head Craft Hearts Preschool  Printable Activities

Hare · Rabbit Hearts Craft

head          yellow    brown    B&W

inner ear    pink       tan        B&W

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