Animals Crafts Heart Shapes
Preschool Printable Activities

Animals Crafts Heart Shapes Preschool Printable ActivitiesThese animal crafts are assembled primarily with heart shapes and are suitable for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and early primary. These are adaptable and appropiatee for the following holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, and St. Valentine's Day. The activities can be adapted for Teacher's Appreciation Week and Child Care Provider's Day.

The craft activity have complementary alphabet printable activities, shapes, numbers: counting, sizing & sorting practice, online jigsaw puzzles, and other resources.

hearts frog craft
Hearts Frog Craft

hearts koala craft
Hearts Koala Crafts
hearts ladybug  craft
Hearts Ladybug Craft

hearts lamb craft
Hearts Lamb or Sheep Craft
hearts mouse craft
Hearts Mouse Craft (head only) with greeting card option 
Hearts Mouse Craft (full body)

hearts owl craft with heart balloon
Hearts Owl Craft with balloon

panda hearts crafts
Hearts Panda Crafts
hearts penguin craft
Hearts Penguin Craft
hearts hare or bunny rabbit craft
Hearts Bunny Rabbit or Hare Craft
hearts bunny rabbit craft
Hearts Bunny Rabbit Craft
raccoon hearts crafts
Hearts Raccoon Crafts
valentine's day coloring pages  

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages